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How can you trust a coffee company does the right thing?


It starts with sustainability education. The most telling part about whether any company is practicing sustainability to industry standards or better, is to ask and find out if their representatives know what goes on behind the scenes.

Sustainability education is the limitless goal that shows how much a company cares about its impact on the world. Here at Skittle Lane, we start by choosing the right green coffee provider. 

As we don’t import the coffee ourselves, our responsibility is to choose the best coffee suppliers for you. Each Skittle Lane green coffee supplier is thoughtfully-chosen, with a unique focus in their own sustainability goals. Our amazing partners supply the cream of the crop: not only excellent-quality coffee, but coffee that is impactful in defining industry sustainability.

Here are our three primary green coffee suppliers:

Caravela Coffee
Melbourne Coffee Merchants
Condesa Co. Lab

Each of these suppliers has their own approach to industry sustainability. If we were to boil down their brands into their primary focuses, this is how we’d define them:

Caravela, an industry leader, demonstrates tireless transparency on all levels of the supply chain,

M.C.M. connects and builds community through distribution and networking,

and Condesa champions environmental excellence.


In coffee publication Standart’s Issue 21, November, 2020, Alejandro Cadena, CEO of Caravela Coffee, highlights an industry issue in choosing one sustainability factor as a focus in coffee company branding. Choosing multiple factors blurs a brand’s perception to the consumer. Translating the complex factors of sustainability to a consumer is often difficult, particularly when they are most often far removed from the farming practices, where most of the impact happens.

Purchasing power does make a difference. In fact, it’s essential. It’s the reason for specialty coffee. Think about it: specialty coffee wasn’t a thing twenty years ago. Coffee was more of a commodity. Now, in almost any major city there is a café that serves coffee passing as specialty, which is coffee that passes as excellent on all levels of the coffee value chain.

We like to think Skittle Lane plays a second-to-last role in this industry’s ecosystem, with you, our coffee drinkers, at the turning point. Your purchasing power and brand loyalty are key driving forces behind industry change. It’s ultimately up to you to motivate sustainable coffee drinking and appreciation. 

Thank you for being loyal and choosing us as your daily cup, and thank you for being curious about sustainability education. Each coffee-purchasing decision you make trickles down the value chain and, as cheesy as it sounds, does make a difference.


Cheers, from the Skittle Lane Team.


Image source: Melbourne Coffee Merchants



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