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You taste just as much with your eyes as you do with your mouth and nose. Your sense of sight plays a huge and frequently overlooked role in the way you consume your food, and drink your beverages.

Seeing what you are consuming is vital for most to enjoy it, which is one of the primary reasons why we put so much effort into making Skittle Lane a beautiful hospitality experience— our curators are meticulous for good reason.

Jodie Foster, co-owner of Skittle Lane, mum of two, and medical equipment salesperson, is also our in-house designer. She is single-handedly responsible for the curation of our gorgeous details, colours, and aesthetic in each Skittle Lane store, and online presence. The inspiration comes from a range of arthouses and personal choices, from high fashion, to interiors and architecture, to lifestyle and travel.

Presentation matters.

Research suggests artistically-composed dishes are tastier than non-composed dishes. Take this experiment for example, where food scientists tested three salads of identical components and quantities, one composed like a Kandinsky painting, another “regular” with ingredients tossed together into one central grouping, and another “neat” composition, with each ingredient isolated like a neat flat lay arrangement. Can you guess which salad tasted the best? Yes, it was the salad that was composed like a painting.

We like to apply this care and attention to our coffee presentation. This is why we aim to pour latte art in every drink that doesn’t have a lid, why we have an employee uniform, and why we have a branded colour palette that extends to our physical space just as much as our digital graphics.

Every visual influence surrounding our clientele matters, as it contributes to the way you appreciate our coffee and overall experience. 

Of course, we start with excellent coffee. Next, it’s served in classic ACME wares, Hasami Japanese porcelain, Kinto coffee supplies, Milly Dent tumblers, or our compostable Skittle Lane branded takeaway cups. We then surround ourselves in gorgeous neutral-toned spaces; black shades, off-white tints, and light-earthen tans. Finally, the customer hospitality experience and interpersonal engagement is our capstone. We are overtly-conscious in elevating your attention to the taste of our coffee. We believe the ultimate hospitality experience is a composition of both deliciousness, friendliness, and thoughtful surroundings. 

Come dine in with us, where each design decision is made for your best coffee experience. If you can't make it into our cafes, check out our brew gear, homewares and coffee online and add some of our curation to your home.



The Skittle Lane Team


Images: Sam Riles Photography for Assembly Label




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