Our Kalita Pour Over Recipe


Our Kalita Pour Over RecipeWhat you need, and what to do

A good pour over is hard to beat. Not only do they allow a high level of control over the extraction result, but can also be very fun to do. 

For the following recipe, we choose to use Kalita Brewers. We believe it requires little, to no agitation to extract some delicious flavours into the cup. 

The following brew guide is a great starting point for the occasional home brewer but also one we use daily in our shops. Feel free to adjust the recipe and make it your own!   

Firstly, choose your coffee! Here, we used our washed Rwanda Remera, roasted for filter. However, we have lots of exciting single origins to choose from.

Shop beans. 

Grinding the coffee: We use the Fellow Ode Brew Grinder is an excellent, robust addition to your home setup. Choose  a medium-coarse grind for your brewing.

Shop grinder.

Next, we are using the Kalita filter papers to go with the brewer. 

We love using the Kinto Pour Over Kettle for it’s ergonomic form and accurate spout – ensuring perfect pouring each time.

Shop kettle.

As mentioned, we choose to use Kalita Brewers, as we believe it requires little, to no agitation to extract some delicious flavours into your cup. 

Shop Kalita.

Everything tastes better using our Kinto Glass Jug with our Skittle Lane logo.  Obviously!

Shop jug.

Finally, decant into your favourite mug and enjoy. 

Hasami Medium Mug Black Glaze.

Shop Hasami. 


1:16 ratio


15g Coffee

Kettle / Water  Temp: 93deg


First Pour


50 sec bloom


Next pour



Next pour @ 1:15



Final pour 1:45/1:50



2:45 - 2:55 Brew time




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