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At Skittle Lane we take huge pride in the coffee we offer, as it is a result of a passionate sourcing process of the best, most ethically produced coffee from around the world. We have a great mutual relationship with our suppliers, who have incredible relationships with the farms and farmers. With these close relationships and the respective communication, we are ensured great quality coffee. 

More specifically, many of our suppliers travel to the countries of the farms to source and taste the coffees in a cupping process and decide which coffees they love. From here, we receive our supplier’s tasting notes along with some pre-shipment samples for us to cup ourselves. In this way we can test the coffee and then reserve our preferences and the quantity we would like of the green beans well before they even arrive in the country.

Next, the suppliers conduct a quality control check once the coffee has arrived in Australia. Here, we can choose whether to receive it straight away or cup the coffee an additional time.  

The tasting profile is determined by a number of factors, with the final touch being that of Skittle Lane’s own roasting. In addition, each coffee is different every year and can react differently to roasting – even the same coffee, depending on its harvest. Here, we adapt the way we roast to make sure we bring you a cup that leverages the coffee’s best potential. 

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