Brew Bar Days – King St & Manly

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Pour-overs are back finally back on the bar in King St, and our Manly brew bar has also officially launched. 

To Skittle Lane, pour-overs constitute an essential dimension to specialty coffee. As they allow for a high level of control over the extraction result, they accentuate the most intricate flavours in the coffee – allowing the flavour and aromas to flourish. 

However, it’s important to note that the results of a pour-over will vary depending on dosage and equipment. Therefore, a recipe needs to be adjusted accordingly in order to bring out the most you can from the coffee that you are brewing, without exposing undesirable traits such as astringency, bitterness and dryness.

Ideally you want a balanced brew that is sweet and flavourful. It should have a rounded mouthful and show off the coffee’s best characteristics. I.e. it should maximise the coffee’s potential. 

At Skittle Lane, we do not only want to serve you this flavourful brew but also help you learn more about it – whether that’s purely out of curiosity or whether it’s to become better at brewing at home.

We also wish this beautiful brewing method to become more discovered, and allow our audience to test some our coffee beans when deciding which ones they would like to purchase. 

Therefore, we are brewing on our King Street brew bar every Thursday between 8.30AM-3PM and on our Manly brew bar every Saturday between 8AM-11AM;  Always pouring our most recent, freshest and favourite single origin filter coffees. 

A month since our launch, and we’ve been brewing coffees from Brazil, Colombia, Rwanda and Peru. Both washed, naturals and pulped naturals. 

The coffees and brew gear are of course available to buy on the day, but can always be explored and purchased online. 


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